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Products for paper industries

Paper hygrometer LF_pro



Fast - Economically - Automatic
Your Quality Documented

LF_pro Paper Sword sensor Thermo-Hygrometer
Paperstacks - Cardboardstacks - Humidity -Temperature

LF_pro Paper- and Air humidity meter with sword shaped sensor for stacks of material. Additionally suitably to supervise climates of printing rooms and paper stockrooms.

Documentation with PC

Because of the mechanical construction of the sensor sword a quick adaption to the material under test is ensured. You can prevent mechanical destorsion: An optional sword case can be put into the paper stack, and into this sword case you can put the sensor. Thereby the sensor ist protected.

The sword sensor can be pulled out easily out of high paper piles if you use the sword case.

The LF_pro paper moisture meter is also an instrumet to store paper moisture values quick and easily. You can add charge number or supplier number or truck number or what ever you want to the measured row directly in the moisture measuring device.

Date and time will be stored automatically.

For further analysis of the measured data the measured rows and values can be transfered to a PC.

LF_pro with optional accsessories


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Discontinued Product

You find the replacement instrument HERE!

We will support you on this product furthermore!

relative paper moisture and temperature pile meter RLF-TS
Paper moisture and temperature meter RLF-TS with aluminium sword

The mechanical structure of the sword shaped sensor ensures a fast adaption to the material under test.

The sword sensor is made of anodized aluminium to protect the paper from being destroyed or gotten dirty.

The use of RLF-TS is as simply as possible:
Put the sword hygrometer (with the sword case) into the stack and let adapt the instrument to the stacks temperature. Then only press the ON-button and select relative humidity or temperature with the selector switch.
The instrument switches off after 90 seconds automatically.

In order to prevent mechanical destruction of the sensor, a sword case is available as accessories. It can be slid into the pile, into which again the sword sensor is inserted.
Also from a pile of several thousand sheets of paper the sword shaped sensor can be pulled out without damage.

For your quality assurance: you can examine the gauge by your self with the optional calibration unit and certified standard ampoules.

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Download PDF folder of RLF-TS (german)

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absolute paper moisture meter P2
Paper moisture meter P2

To measure the absolute moisture of kraft papers and similar paper densities.

Press the P2 along the paper role or onto the paper pile and read off the measured value immediately.

At the delivery you can do a receiving control very simple.

You have no paper waste in fact of the none destructive measurement principle.

The P2 moisture measuring instrument is used by many cardboard manufacturers to check the absolute dampness of the paper-rolls before feeding to the machine. The low weight of the moisture gauge (approx. 140g) allows the QA always to have the instrument thereby.

The digital display allows an accurate read off.

With the 6-position selector switch you can adjust the instrument for the needs in your production.

With the provided test plate you can always examine the device by yourself.

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Wood Chips Moisture Meter

FS_3 Biomass Moisture Meter for Wood Chips

Wood chips moisture meter
Biomass-Moisture Meter FS_3 Biomass
Wood Chips - Hogged Wood - Pellets - Sawdust - Wood Shavings - Barks

Out of the new instrument generation FS_3, a moisture meter was developed which meets all demands of heat plants, distributors and end customers.

The material under test will be filled into the metering chamber and with the right calibration curve the moisture content of the sample can be read off within a few seconds of the moisture meters display.
The background illuminated LCD makes it possible to use the gauge in dark enviroments.

It never was so easy and simple to measure the moisture content of wood chips!

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Download PDF-Folder of FS_3 Biomass

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With the new LF_pro-Paper-Sword-Thermo-Hygrometer you can document your quality quick economically and automatic.

ISO-conform documentation: Measure - stor measured value - print or transfer to PC

Simply put the paper moisture meter LF-pro into the paper stack, adapt to stack temperature (you can also automatically store the adaption process), and read the humidity and temperature from the LCD.

The ruggedly designed sword sensor of LF_pro minmizes downtime.

Measured values can be stored on PC and directly evaluated in the programm or in MS-Excel.

Recording of measured values in the paper moisture meter with a simple keystroke.

Printing of measured values directly out of the instrument for documentation.

Analyse readings on PC with FS_3 View software.

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