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absolute paper moisture meter P2
Paper moisture meter P2

To measure the absolute moisture of kraft papers and similar paper densities.

Press the P2 along the paper role or onto the paper pile and read off the measured value immediately.

At the delivery you can do a receiving control very simple.

You have no paper waste in fact of the none destructive measurement principle.

The P2 moisture measuring instrument is used by many cardboard manufacturers to check the absolute dampness of the paper-rolls before feeding to the machine. The low weight of the moisture gauge (approx. 140g) allows the QA always to have the instrument thereby.

The digital display allows an accurate read off.

With the 6-position selector switch you can adjust the instrument for the needs in your production.

With the provided test plate you can always examine the device by yourself.

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Did you Know...
...that many automotive suppliers are using the LM 5 leather moisture meter for quality assurance?

The non destructive instruments of Messtechnik Schaller GmbH have a small weight and can be carried everywhere.

Have control about your suppliers quality!

Moisture that is either too high or too low increases your costs!

The sword shaped sensor of the RLF-TS-Thermohygrometer can be easily pushed into the paper pile without destroying the paper.

Our pinless instruments are made for industrial use and can easily be used by trained personal.

Did you Know...
...in the field of moisture measuring there are two kinds of moisture?

The relative equilibrium moisture content of a material indicates the relative moisture of ambient air counterbalancing the material. In this case the material does not absorb or release any moisture.

The absolute moisture of material indicates the percentage water content of a material referred to the total weight (paper, grain, ...) and with some materials (e.g. wood) referred to the dry mass.

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